October 6, 2016

Our Classes

Martial arts are ancient art forms with many wellness benefits for modern day men, women, girls and boys. The movements of martial arts increase coordination, flexibility and strength, and aids in obtaining a firm, toned and healthy body. Training also helps to relieve stress and maintain a fresh mind. Martial arts are popular, because not only are they exciting and fun, but no other activity can provide the same results as martial arts for each individual participant. Whether your goals are confidence, self-discipline, mental focus, physical fitness, self-defense or to earn a black belt, martial arts training at Tony Thomas Family Karate will get you there!

Moms and dads, not only will you attain the benefits of greater health and self-defense awareness, but when you train with your children, you will experience heightened family bonding…essential in today’s society. We encourage you to look through our web site and learn more about our classes. We have a variety of classes available throughout the week with times that are flexible enough for even the busiest schedule.

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