October 6, 2016

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3 Rules of Concentration The 5 Rules of Success Student Creed Meaning of Stances
Belt Requirements School Safety School Etiquette School Rules
Before Class Starts When Class Begins Why should you practice? What should you always know?


Three Rules of Concentration

Focus My Eyes

Focus My Mind

Focus My Body


The Five Rules of Success

1. Show Up on Time

2. Pay Attention

3. Practice

4. Ask Questions

5. Don’t Quit


Student Creed

I will develop myself in a positive manner.

I will respect myself, my parents and my teachers.

I will use common sense before self defense.


Meaning of Stances

Attention Stance: Focus and Concentration

Bow: Respect

Ready Stance: Ready to Take Action Now

Fighting Stance: Commitment to Give 100%


Belt Requirements

1. Students must attend a minimum of 8 classes a month.

2. Pay attention in class.

3. Learn all of the material taught and demonstrated in class.

4. Practice these techniques at home.

5. Must be doing well in school both academically and behaviorally.

6. Practice good hygiene.

7. Must be in full uniform and they must be clean.


School Safety

We have gone to great lengths to make our program safe. It is therefore important that all students follow the guidance of the instructor and exercise proper control when working on techniques or sparring. To further eliminate the possiblity of injury, protective groin cups are mandatory for all male students during all sparring classes.

By Blue belt level, every student must purchase their own personal safety equipment consisting of safety hands, feet, mouthguards, shin protectors and headgear. Optional but not required equipment includes rib guard, protective bra for female students and forearm guards as needed.

All of these items may be purchased through the school for your convenience. If there are any questions concerning equipment, please contact Mr. or Mrs. Thomas.

To ensure safety inside of the school, we ask students to stay inside and sit in the chairs in the workout area while waiting on their transportation. To ensure safety on the outside of the school, we ask students not to run around cars, or play in the parking lot.

Following the above guidelines will ensure a safe and enjoyable workout for all.


School Etiquette

Because of the growing number of students in our school, school etiquette is more important than ever. Our school rules are listed below. Everyone is expected to completely understand and observe them at all times. Following these guidelines will allow us to provide you with the highest quality service and a school you can be proud to be a member of.


School Rules

1. Remove socks and shoes.

2. Remove gum, food and candy from mouth.

3. Take off jewelry.

4. Be properly uniformed with belt tied and shirt tucked.

5. No running.

6. Show respect for school, equipment, parents, classmates, and most of all, show respect for YOURSELF.


Before Class Starts

1. Sit and stretch.

2. Practice combinations.

3. Get all of your talking done during this time.


When Class Begins

1. Find a line and stand ready.

2. Be ready to use your ears to listen.

3. Be ready to use your eyes to watch.

4. Be ready to practice hard.


Why should you practice?

If I practice, I will remember. If I don’t practice, I will forget.


What should you always know?

I can always do better than I think I can.